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The Educational Engagement Residency Program seeks out students with strong performance skills to build an educational engagement residency with the partnership of a community music educator. The program will fund the placement of two chamber groups—current music majors at MSU—within community classrooms. Student ensembles of 3-5 persons are preferred, though larger or smaller groups may apply.

The program is made possible with the generous support of the Michigan Council for Arts and Cultural Affairs, the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, and MSUFCU.

Applications are closed for the 2018 semester. Check back soon for more details about 2019 residencies!

Spring 2018: Donley and Pinecrest Elementary
(East Lansing Public Schools) 

Program Details
Program participants will work with the certified music educators at their assigned public school to create individualized performance residencies with elementary school students in their music class during Spring 2018.

Program participants will meet weekly with Music Education doctoral students, Dr. Cynthia Taggart, and Christine Beamer throughout the semester to learn and discuss how to develop educational engagement programs. 

The Progam is seeking applicants with a high level of performance ability as well as an interest in engaging with elementary students and developing a residency program template they could use in their careers.

Applied Faculty members will collaborate with the Program Team to ensure quality of musical product.

Program duties
Program participants will develop an educational engagement residency template that provides an introduction to instrumental and vocal music through learning activities and performances. Program participants will implement this template in an elementary school classroom, supervised by a public school music educator and the Program Team. 

Who can apply: 
Graduate or undergraduate students within the College of Music majoring in classical performance, music education, or bachelors of arts in music.

Students must apply as a group (2-8 students). Both traditional (i.e. woodwind trio, vocal quartet, string quartet) and non traditional (mixed) groups are welcome.

Financial Award: $500 per student for the semester

Number of openings: 2 groups

Weekly Program Schedule Breakdown: 

  • Weekly meetings with doctoral Music Education Program advisor
  • Biweekly meetings with Dr. Cynthia Taggart and Christine Beamer on Educational Engagement Theory and Practice
  • Regular meetings with Katie Pike (Donley) or Cari Carvotta (Pinecrest): Two meetings Jan-Feb, meetings post each lesson for debrief and discussion
  • Two observations in the elementary classroom, three to four in-class residency days

Spring 2018 Required Availability
Residency activities will take place during the music classes at Donley and Pinecrest Elementary. Thus, applicants must be available at least two days per week at one of the following time blocks: 8:55-9:40, 9:45-10:30, 10:35-11:20, 1:25-2:10. Program will run January 8-April 27. Participants should expect to spend 3-4 hours per week on residency activities.

Students from the Verdant Winds quintet perform for Elmwood Elementary students.