Safety Protocols

The following policies will begin in Fall 2020 semester and remain in place until further notice.

Due to the continued seriousness of the COVID-19 virus, the following protocols are intended to ensure the safest environment possible for learning. In order for all of us to come together to make music, we all must adhere strictly to these protocols. Faculty will encourage a ‘speak-up’ policy because open communication about what is working and what is not will be critical to ensuring the safety of everyone.

Protocols regarding air exchange and ventilation have been put in place. Most ensembles will be working in smaller formats in order to enforce appropriate maximum capacity numbers in each of the rehearsal rooms. A strict rehearsal plan and other information is posted for Bands/Orchestras, Choral Ensembles, and Jazz Orchestras and Octets, and all participants must adhere to the posted policies. All students, regardless of major or required activities, must:

  • Complete the COVID-19 Workplace Health Screening form every day, before entering music facilities. This is to assist with contact tracing should somone test positive
  • Wash hands frequently throughout the day, preferably with soap and water immediately on entering and leaving the building.
  • Use hand sanitizer on entry and exit of any room in the Music complex.
  • Only bring to rehearsals and classes what is needed; no extra bags.
  • Wear masks when entering and exiting rooms.
  • Follow strict entrance and exiting procedures.
  • Physically distance and wear masks when not playing.
  • Adhere to physical distancing plans in place in rehearsal and other rooms.
  • Abide by all signage including limiting occupancy to posted maximums in each room.
  • Use the corridors for swift transit, avoid loitering in order to prevent bottlenecks, and adhere to physical distancing protocols in high use areas.
  • Limit transit around the building to only that which is necessary, avoiding face to face conversations when other methods can be used.
  • Visitors are not permitted in lessons, rehearsals, or classes