COVID-19 Early Detection Program

Simple spit kit will play an easy, yet crucial role, in enhancing the health and safety of everyone in the Spartan community.

The College of Music has been selected to be part of the campus’s COVID-19 Early Detection Program. All members of the College community—faculty, staff, and students—who are frequently on or near campus are strongly encouraged to participate. This allows you to play an easy, but crucial, role in the health of the College of Music community and the larger campus community.

COVID-19 Early Detection Program, Click this image to register

How it works

Participation is completely voluntary. Participants sign up for the program and fill out a short questionnaire. Once enrolled, you will be contacted at various times throughout the semester to pick up a Spartan Spit Kit, follow several easy steps to provide a sample, then return the kit to one of several locations on campus.

Once the sample has been processed, you will receive one of two results:

  • Not recommended for clinical diagnostic testing
  • Recommended for clinical diagnostic testing

Those who are recommended for clinical diagnostic testing will be connected with a nearby testing site and are recommended to self-isolate until their clinical results are confirmed.

This program has been designed to create a college- and campus-wide net that provides two primary benefits:

  • Secure, timely recommendations to get clinical diagnostic tests for those participants whose saliva samples indicate they are at risk for spreading COVID-19 asymptomatically.
  • The generation of real-time population health data, so that university leaders can make critical, informed, and immediate decisions regarding the health and safety of MSU’s people and places, especially our College of Music community.

For more information, please see this informative webpage assembled by the College of Human Medicine.

To participate, please go here to fill out the online form.