2013 Faculty Research

Kevin Bartig’s monograph Composing for the Red Screen: Prokofiev and Soviet Film was recently published by Oxford University Press, 2013. See news article.

“Sentential Lyric-Types in the Great American Songbook,” an article by Michael Callahan, assistant professor of music theory, appeared in the September 2013 issue of Music Theory Online.

Sarah Long, assistant professor of musicology, focuses her research on liturgical music in France and the Low Countries in the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. In 2013 she published two articles on this topic: “The Sanctorale of Andenne: A Description and Analysis of Liturgical Manuscripts for the Secular Chapter of Noble Canonesses” in Revue Belge de Musicologie, the yearly Belgian musicological society journal and “Missel à l’usage de la confrérie de St. Jean l’évangeliste à Paris, c. 1500,” in Les livres de Notre-Dame: Exposition et Actes du Colloque.

Ken Prouty, associate professor of musicology and jazz studies, is the author of “Finding Jazz in the Jazz as Business Metaphor,” which appeared in the journal Jazz Perspectives.

Marcie Ray, assistant professor of musicology, published “Dystopic Marital Narratives at the Opéra-Comique During the Regency,” in the Brazilian journal Música em Perspectiva.

Gordon Sly, associate professor of music theory, recently completed an extended annotated bibliography on “Sonata Form” for Oxford Bibliographies in Music. This invited article covers the history, breadth, and established schools of thought that comprise scholarly literature on Sonata Form from the late-18th century to the present.