2012 Faculty Research

Kevin Bartig, assistant professor of musicology, contributed a book chapter (in Russian) to Proceedings from S. S. Prokofiev in the Modern World, edited by Yekaterina Vlasova. Entitled “Prokofiev’s The Queen of Spades and the 1937 Pushkin Jubilee," the chapter is based on a section of his forthcoming book on Prokofiev’s film music.

Michael Callahan, assistant professor of music theory, is a recognized authority on teaching Baroque improvisation. Two of his recent articles explore facets of this topic: “Teaching Baroque Counterpoint Through Improvisation: An Introductory Curriculum in Stylistic Fluency” appeared in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy and “Incorporating Long-Range Planning into the Pedagogy of Baroque-Style Keyboard Improvisation” appeared in Musical Performance Research.

Michael Largey, professor of musicology, is the author of “Contested Brass: Tradition and Innovation in Haitian Rara,” an article in the Historic Brass Society Journal.

Ken Prouty, assistant professor of musicology and jazz studies, published “Creating Boundaries in the Virtual Jazz World,” a chapter in Jazz/Not Jazz: The Music and its Boundaries, recently published by University of California Press.

Mitch Robinson, associate professor of music education, contributed a chapter in a book aimed at an audience of school principals, administrators, and policy makers. “Music Teaching and Learning in a Time of Reform” appeared in What Every Principal Needs to Know: Instructional Leadership for Equitable and Excellent Schools, published by Teachers College Press.

Leigh Van Handel, associate professor of music theory, recently published two articles on teaching music theory and on music cognition:  “What can music theory pedagogy learn from mathematics pedagogy?” in the Journal of Music Theory Pedagogy. She and colleague Michael Callahan co-authored “The role of phrase location in key identification by pitch class distribution,” which appeared in Proceedings of the International Conference on Music Perception and Cognition - European Society for the Cognition of Music. The conference was held in Thessaloniki, Greece.