Essentially Ellington Competition April 12

Essentially Ellington High School Jazz Band Competition Schedule

Saturday, April 12
MSU Union Main Lounge

08:00-09:00a     Registration

09:15-09:50a     Michigan State University Professors of Jazz Performance

10:00a-12:30p   Band Performances/Clinics Morning Session

Participants                                     Warm-up               Perf(Union)     Clinic 
Martin Luther King Jr. HS               09:30am-141MB    10:00am        10:30am- HRH-MB-McNeill
W Mich Home School Big Band      09:50am-145MB    10:20am        10:50am-103MPB-Weiss
Southeastern Music Academy        10:10am-141MB     10:40am        11:10am- HRH-MB-Hering
Traverse City West 1                      10:30am-145MB     11:00am        11:30am-103MPB-Haydon
Cheboygan High School                 10:50am-141MB     11:20am        11:50am- HRH-MB-McNeill
CMS Detroit                                    11:10am-145MB    11:40am         12:10pm-103MPB-Weiss

12:00-01:00p     Lunch – ALL (On Your Own)

01:00-02:00p      MSU Professors of Jazz Master Classes

Bass                   Prof. Whitaker        141MB
Drums                Prof. Gelispie          145MB
Guitar                 Prof. Hughes           Hart Recital Hall
Piano                 Prof. Thomas          135MB
Saxophone        Prof. Rivera             MSU Union Main Lobby
Trumpet             Prof. Charles          120MB
Trombone          Prof. Dease             103MB

03:00-04:30p     Band Performances/Clinics Afternoon Session

Participants                                Warm-up                Perf(Union)         Clinic 
Traverse City West 2                 2:00pm-145MB      2:30pm                3:00pm-103MPB-Hering
Metamora Township HS            2:20pm-141MB      2:50pm                3:10pm-HRH-MB-Haydon
Spring Lake HS                          2:40pm-145MB      3:10pm               3:40pm-103MPB-McNeill
Ludington HS                             3:00pm-141MB      3:30pm               4:00pm- HRH-MB-Weiss
Badger HS                                 3:20pm-145MB      3:50pm               4:20pm-103MPB-Hering

04:30p              Judges Deliberate

04:30p              MSU Jazz Enemble – Performance – MSU Union Main Lounge-Haydon

05:30p              Awards Ceremony

06:00p              Dinner Break (60mins) ALL (On Your Own)

08:00p              Fairchild Theatre - Jeff Hamilton, MSU Professors of Jazz, Judges Jam: 
Jeff Hamilton, Rahsaan Barber, Roland Barber, Ricky Haydon, Dean McNeill, Marlene Rosenburg, Michael Weiss, MSU Jazz Orchestra I, Outstanding High School Band of the Day

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