Running Start Lineup Helps Broaden Students’ Perspective

Visiting artists spark conversations, share wisdom on entrepreneurship with MSU College of Music students.

A mulit-day residency with composer Andrea Clearfield concluded with a concert featuring MSU’s Musique 21 ensemble at the Fairchild Theatre.
Members of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Hunter Eberly, principal trumpet; and Kenneth Thompkins, principal trombone conducted mock auditions with MSU’s brass students.
Tony award winning arranger, William David Brohn talks with Christian Kolo about his work, “The River Runs Silver,” during a composition class at the College of Music.
Educators from Detroit share their perspectives on urban education with students.
Violinists Anna Rabinova and Yulia Ziskel also held open career discussions with College of Music students during their two day visit.
Yoonshin Song, concert master of the Detroit Symphony Orchestra work with violin student Oleg Bezuglov.
Noa Kageyama, performance psychologist, from the Juilliard School offered perspective about his professional experience, including workshops and discussions on performer anxiety, learning methods, confidence, and best practices.
College of Music alumni gathered for an event called “What’s Next? Alumni Perspectives After MSU” to offer music students perspective on varied entrepreneurial paths—from teaching, performing, arts admin, public education, and freelance

An increasing number of visiting artists to the MSU College of Music are helping to shape the conversation around musical careers through the College's entrepreneurial program.

Since the beginning of the academic year, nearly 20 workshops, master classes, and events have featured local, national, and international artists and teachers weighing in on different aspects of careers in music. Coordinated through the Running Start program, workshops have focused on mock auditions, peak performance under pressure, building audiences and artistic expression in intimate settings, and models for marketing, promotion, and starting a business.

"One of the great things about visiting artists is they infuse the college and our students with new thinking around universal issues in the arts," says Christine Beamer, director of career services and music Entrepreneurship in the College of Music. "They bring both musical talent and entrepreneurial wisdom to campus."

Beamer says her goal is to strike a balance of bringing in local or regional MSU alumni, as well as engaging nationally or internationally recognized artists through partnerships between Running Start and the different areas of the College. Since Fall 2015, visiting artists have included MSU alum and renowned orchestrator William David Brohn, members of the New York Philharmonic and Detroit Symphony Orchestras, Performance Psychologist Noa Kageyama from Juilliard, and Composer Andrea Clearfield. Artists still on deck for Spring 2016 include Stephen Prutsman and the St. Lawrence String Quartet. See lineup of visiting artists and workshops from the 2015-16 academic season.

"In almost all cases, the artists talk with students about being aware of opportunities and having a diverse enough set of skills to take advantage of opportunities when they arise," says Beamer. "Many conversations are all about charting your own path."

Doctoral student in clarinet performance Anastasia Cetverikova was among about 100 students who attended workshops with Kageyama in mid-February. She says students asked questions and sought advice that was relevant to their individual situations, and listened to Kageyama's perspectives on building a career by being open to options. She says Kageyama also presented research on how to improve performance, then had students apply those concepts while playing short passages in front of an audience.

"I've heard about some of the ideas Mr. Kageyama introduced, but having him say it makes it feel fresh and immediate," says Cetverikova. "I was inspired and ready to get to work."

Coming up, Beamer hopes to expand the workshop and master class format to include more mini-residencies on careers and entrepreneurship presented by visiting artists. The innovative Brooklyn Rider string quartet is on deck for fall, with plans to have members reflect on their eclectic repertoire, do-it-yourself marketing, and other entrepreneurial tactics that have contributed to the chamber group's appeal across musical genres.

Dean James Forger comments that bringing in visiting artists through the Running Start Program is a distinguishing characteristic of MSU's student-center curriculum. Interactions that take place in workshops and master classes, he says, can help students build an invaluable network for future performance and employment opportunities.

"The study of music must be reflective of what's happening in the real world in terms of musical careers and entrepreneurship," says Forger. "The extent to which we can instill that mindset in our students from day one will serve our students very well."

2015/16 Running Start: Visiting Artists, Master Classes, and Workshops

DIY Recording Master Class—Sept. 16, 2015
Jon Whiting, MSU College of ComArtSci faculty

Standing Out from the Crowd: How to Innovate in the Arts—Sept. 22, 2015
Cynthia Kay, MSU Alum, President, Cynthia Kay and Company

Career Exposure: Arranging and Orchestration—Oct. 1, 2015
Bill Brohn, MSU Alum, Orchestrator and Arranger

Building a Private Studio—Oct. 7, 2015
Jenny Bonner, MSU Alum, Waverly High School; Bryan Mangiavellano and Matt Snell, Northwest High School

String Audition Masterclass and Conversation about Orchestral Careers—Oct. 11-12, 2015
Yulia Ziskel and Anna Rabinova, New York Philharmonic

Careers in Urban Education—Oct. 15, 2015
Ben Pruitt, Former Director of Fine Arts, Detroit Public Schools, Damien Crutcher, MSU alum and CEO, Crescendo Detroit; Emily Chase, Art Program Developer, Peckham; Katie Pike, MSU Alum, Waverly Public Schools

Career Exposure: Film and Production—Oct. 23, 2015
Mark Miller, VP of Music Services, Harvest Creative; Michael Curran, Stardock Games Composer and Sound Designer

Career Exposure: Nonprofits in Social Justice and the Arts—Nov. 4, 2015
Xavier Verna, Director of Education, Sphinx Music; Oliver Ragsdale, President, The Carr Center

Interviewing in Higher Education—Nov. 10, 2015
Jacob Cameron, MSU Alum, Western Michigan University; Zhihua Tang, Michael Callahan and David Rayl, MSU College of Music faculty

Opera Careers: Conversation with Will Crutchfield—Feb. 5, 2016
Will Crutchfield, Director of Opera for the Caramoor International Music Festival 

Making Waves: Inheriting a program as a young teacher—Feb. 11, 2016
Bryan Kolk, Troy High School; Mark Stice, Okemos High School; Danielle Ogden, MSU Alum and Indian Hills Elementary

Noa Kageyama Residency Peak Performance Workshop—Feb. 17, 2016
Noa Kageyama, Juilliard

From Child Prodigy to Performance Psychologist: Dinner with Dr. Kageyama —Feb. 17, 2016
Noa Kageyama, Juilliard

Noa Kageyama Residency: Being an Effective Artist Teacher —Feb. 18, 2016
Noa Kageyama, Juilliard

What's Next? Alumni Perspectives after MSU—Feb. 28, 2016
MSU Alumni Garrett Arney, Ensemble ACJW; Juliana Kartsimas, Opera Grand Rapids; Sarah Price, Saline High School; Cory Allen, Expressions Music Academy; Anthony Stanco, Ohio State University; Michael Hovnanian, Grand Rapids Symphony

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Mock Auditions: Brass—Feb. 29, 2016
Ken Thompkins and Hunter Eberly, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Open Door: Creating New Spaces for Music—March 1, 2016
Andrea Clearfield, Composer

Teaching Artist Demonstration (Educational Engagement Program event)—March 2, 2016
Rodney Page, Full Engagement Experience

Coming up…

Detroit Symphony Orchestra Mock Auditions: Winds—March 28, 2016
Ralph Skiano and Michael Ma, Detroit Symphony Orchestra

Intro to Music Publishing—April 4, 2016
Liz Storm, Liz Storm PLLC

Reaching New Audiences: Workshop and Masterclass with St. Lawrence String Quartet and Stephen Prutsman—April 10
Stephen Prutsman and St. Lawrence String Quartet

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