Richard Sherman recording inspired by picturesque British Isles

New CD release pays homage to the old country.

Richard Sherman, flute
Genadi Zagor, piano

Two internationally renowned, Michigan-based artists bring romantic vistas from Ireland, Wales, and England to life on a new album, “Music of the British Isles.” Flute virtuoso Richard Sherman and pianist Genadi Zagor, a native of Russia and prizewinner of several international competitions, perform works by Ralph Vaughn Williams, William Mathias and Cyril Scott. Both artists serve on the faculty of the Michigan State University College of Music. 

“This album coincided with the creation of my Music Performance in Ireland study abroad program at Michigan State University,” Sherman said. “Although technically speaking Ireland is not a British Isle, the study abroad program based in Dublin started in 2017. My love for this part of the world inspired the music selections for the recording, and three French albums preceding this release were enough!” The British Isles hold a special place in Sherman’s heart for many reasons, from the immense beauty of the landscapes to the time he spent doing post-graduate work at the Royal College of Music in London. 

“I’m very pleased with how this project turned out. Genadi is a wonderful pianist who played superbly on this recording, and I think this album represents some of my best work,” Sherman said. “I’m excited for people to hear it and hopefully get a feel for the place that inspired it.”

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