Reinventing historic performance spaces at MSU

The Byron and Dolores Cook Recital Hall opened its doors in October 2012, offering a state-of-the-art venue for hundreds of rehearsals, recitals, concerts, and master classes during its inaugural year. The historic 1940s recital hall of the Music Building has been completely reinvented with new seating, acoustical treatments, air conditioning, state-of-the-art audio/visual capabilities, and new lighting. Many patrons are saying the 182-seat theatre is among the best small concert venues in the U.S.

The same innovative team of acousticians is renovating the MSU Auditorium’s Fairchild Theatre, scheduled to open October 2013 for the principal use of the College of Music. This newly renovated theatre will be the new home for the Joanne and Bill Church West Circle Series, choral groups and jazz ensembles, Musique 21, and MSU Opera Theatre productions. Patrons will be provided with an amazing acoustical experience and close proximity to performers, all within the air-conditioned comfort of this 462-seat theatre. Ample free parking will be available just across the street from the facility.

The facility renovation includes ceiling clouds, an adjustable acoustic shell and sound-absorbing banners; the extension of the stage; the installation of a new hydraulic orchestra pit seating up to 47 musicians; audio/visual sound reinforcement systems; wiring for video and webcasting; three additional rehearsal spaces; a new Steinway D grand piano; and a recording/video control room. Additional improvements for patrons include more restrooms and improved accessibility for persons with disabilities.

Fairchild Theatre

This 75-year-old theatre’s interior will be completely transformed to meet today’s contemporary standard for performance venues. The proscenium style theatre with 462 seating capacity allows audiences to enjoy a high level of acoustic quality, close proximity to the stage, and comfortable seating within a climate- controlled environment.

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