New release from Michael Dease

Dease's sixth album from Posi-tone Records inspired by his "bonafide" colleagues.

After touring with saxophonist David Sanborn in summer 2018, Michael Dease is embarking on another string of dates as a member of the David Sanborn Acoustic Band.

Trombonist Michael Dease, an associate professor of jazz trombone at the Michigan State University College of Music, gives listeners the real deal by assembling a colossal collection of several of the best trombonists -- including Conrad Herwig, Marshall Gilkes, and Gina Benalcazar -- for his latest release “Bonafide.” Highlighted by a full complement of tour de force performances, the album also features strong showings supported by the hard swinging rhythm section of pianist David Hazeltine, bassist Todd Coolman, and the ever exciting drummer E.J. Strickland. This amazing ensemble of talents plays skillfully, and everyone works seamlessly together to keep the session in the pocket while the trombones cover all the finer points of the music with effortless mastery and melodic brilliance. “Bonafide” is a straight forward collection of quality performances that will certainly entertain jazz enthusiasts again and again.

From the liner notes:

"'Bonafide' begins with my producer for several years, Marc Free of Posi-Tone Records, presenting this title and theme to me as a reflection of my commitment to the future of straight-ahead jazz music. For my part, I composed and selected these songs as a modern testament to the life-changers and truth-tellers in the jazz world - my bonafide colleagues. I recorded these performances with both eyes towards authenticity, not trying to be something I'm not, and reacting in the moment with contemporary responses to enduring questions without recreating the past." -- Michael Dease

Sample the tunes and purchase "Bonafide" here.

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