Music, Math, and Science

Professor of composition examines the science and beauty of sound as part of a campus-wide festival.

Saturday, April 5, 2014, Hart Recital Hall, MSU Music Building.

Mark Sullivan, associate professor of composition with the College of Music, presented to more than 100 attendees Music, Math, and Science. As part of the weeklong MSU Science Festival coordinated by University Outreach and Engagement. Sullivan’s presentation took a look at sound and music events, and some of their scientific and mathematical background: from a flaming sound wave, to monster gummies arising from a loudspeaker, and the secrets of an unpressed piano key.

Click here to view or download a PDF of his presentation.

The family-friendly MSU Science Festival is a free event designed for lifelong learners of all ages and is fueled by some of the most basic elements essential to scientific inquiry: curiosity, wonder, and discovery.

You can learn more about the festival on its website, or connect on Facebook and Twitter.


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