Oboe Studio Sweeps Audition Openings

MSU oboists secure positions with Dearborn Symphony Orchestra.

Students left to right: Woo Jung Kim, Nathan Hubbard, Ben Buergel.

Three oboists in the doctoral program for musical performance at the MSU College of Music recently earned all available oboe positions with the Dearborn Symphony Orchestra, sweeping an open audition that involved competitors from across Southeast Michigan.

Nathan Hubbard secured a one-year position as principal, with the possibility of going permanent in the summer of 2015.

“I see this as that first step in being a career oboist,” says Hubbard. “I’m very excited to have this opportunity.”

Woo Jung Kim earned a permanent position as a section oboist. Like Hubbard, Kim will perform with the symphony while continuing his doctoral studies at MSU.

“This position gives me more confidence as a musician,” says Kim. “It’s a good start to expanding my musical career.”

Ben Buergel earned a spot on the priority sub list, which he says can be a gateway to permanent posts.

“Some of my older colleagues started out this way and got great positions where they travel all over,” says Buergel. “It’s really good experience to have.”

Professor of Oboe Jan Eberle says that Hubbard, Kim, and Buergel were among a half dozen students from the MSU Oboe Studio who competed in the regional audition. Eberle recommends that her students take orchestral auditions as they come up and that they stay perpetually prepared for them through regular study of the standard orchestral excerpts. Many of the oboists who competed in the regional audition had just completed Eberle’s Oboe Audition Excerpts special topics class.

“I told them about the audition opportunity and they went for it,” says Eberle. “I’m proud of them for that: This says a lot about our students.”

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