Michael Sachs Teaches and Performs with Students

Cleveland Symphony Orchestra trumpeter’s technique and delivery impress.

Michael Sachs works with music student Carlot Dorvé during the master class.
Rich Illman poses with Michael Sachs after his visit with the MSU College of Music.

When Kevin Sedatole set his sights on A Voice, A Messenger, a piece written by Aaron Jay Kernis, he knew it would take just the right blend of talent and teaching for a successful performance.

“I wanted to perform Kernis’s piece but it hasn’t had many performances because of the level of difficulty,” says Sedatole, Wind Symphony conductor and director of MSU Bands. After meeting Michael Sachs and hearing him play, Sedatole says he knew Sachs was one of the few trumpeters who have mastered such a complex work.

Sachs, who has been with the Cleveland Orchestra since 1988, is recognized as a leading soloist, recitalist, and chamber musician. He has also performed as a guest soloist with many renowned orchestras and chamber groups.

“Our students got the opportunity to experience this outstanding musician in action,” says Sedatole. “They were inspired by the performance, and eager to get an opportunity to work with him.”

About 25 music students gathered to observe and participate in a master class conducted by Sachs. “He is a true professional, and performed at the highest level the entire week of his visit,” says Richard Illman, associate professor of trumpet at the MSU College of Music. “His interactions with the students were very positive and his criticisms always had a sensible and constructive delivery.” 

Many students commented on Sachs's talents and effective methods for successful learning and development on the trumpet. 

Carlot Dorvé, third year trumpeter majoring in music performance, summed up the experience as inspiring and motivating. “His accuracy and techniques not only inspired me,” says Dorvé, “but having the opportunity to work with him strengthened my determination to become a better trumpet player and to further improve my technique.”

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