Message from the Dean: Spring 2017 v2

We are proud to announce our partnership with the Detroit District’s Music Town.

James Forger, dean, MSU College of Music, addresses attendees at an MSU jazz orchestra concert.
MSU Community Music School-Detroit Instructor Steve Wood poses with Aspiring Musician Camp students Corey, Reece, Caden, Michael and Cameron.
College of Music faculty members receive a standing ovation during a West Circle Series concert at Fairchild Theatre.

At the MSU College of Music, we believe in engaging communities—be that our campus community, a community a hundred miles down the freeway, or those beyond our state or national borders. We do that through the talent and drive of our faculty, students and alumni, and through the generosity of donors, who understand the transformational power of music to build positive connections among people, regardless of different cultural and socioeconomic backgrounds.

We've entered into an exciting opportunity with CBS Radio Detroit, in association with Olympia Entertainment, to offer free educational programs in downtown Detroit. MusicTown will be located inside HockeyTown Café and within the 50-block, mixed-use sports and entertainment development known as The District Detroit. MusicTown is a collaborative venue consisting of a state-of-the-art broadcast studio along with recording and performance spaces adjacent to the City Theatre – a national performance venue.

Our contributions to MusicTown include educational workshops, musical performances and lectures by College of Music and Community Music School-Detroit faculty and students both on-site and on-air broadcasts. It's an extraordinary partnership that promises to open up countless opportunities for students, young musicians and new talent. This partnership continues to advance our commitment to perpetuating Detroit's tradition as a great Music City—one steeped in jazz, rock, gospel, hip hop and techno—as well as the city's ongoing economic and cultural renaissance.

We're excited to be part of a venue devoted to the development of artists, educating children and celebrating all that Detroit is and will be. We are also proud to share stories here that highlight some recent work in the College of Music that reflects our quest to inspire musical excellence, community engagement, and access to quality education for all. 

As always, we are grateful for our partners and supporters who enable those in the College of Music to make a difference in communities far and near through the power and beauty of music.


James Forger
Dean, College of Music

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