Honoring Jere Hutcheson

Celebrating 50 years: Reflections from students and colleagues.

1995, Jere Hutchenson in the classroom.
2012, Leon Gregorian, Ron Newman, Jere Hutchenson, and Phil Sinder.
First Annual Composers’ Symposium of Wind Music, November 13, 1976. Persichetti, guest composer.

Jere Hutcheson has now been active at MSU as a composer, teacher, and mentor for 50 years. During that time he has created a body of imaginative, dynamic, and superbly crafted works, that span an amazing range of genres and ensembles. He has taught a diverse range of students who continue to have a major impact in the field of music composition and beyond, nationally and internationally. His mentorship covers a broad range of students in the areas of performance, theory, and music education spanning this momentous era.

On September 26, the MSU Symphony Orchestra performed Hutcheson’s world premiere “Midnight Voyage.” After the concert, faculty, students, alumni, and members of the MSU College of Music gathered for a reception to honor his long-standing and continuing contributions. 

To mark this occasion, a collection of reflections from colleagues and former students of Jere Hutcheson has been collected. You can browse these stories in the composition area of the website.

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