Featured Concerts and Events

A rich variety of upcoming music festivals and events take the stage.

Upcoming performance events at the College of Music this spring include the Joanne and Bill Church West Circle Series the Chopiniana concert, on February 28 at 8:00 p.m.; the 14th annual Cello Plus Chamber Music Festival, March 17-23; MSU Opera Theatre’s production of Puccini’s classic La Bohème, April 4-6; the second annual Latin IS American Festival, April 9-19; and the 34th annual Jazz Spectacular, April 10-12.

The MSU Music Education faculty is busy finalizing details for the 2014 New Directions in Music Education conference, which will take place March 20-22 at Kellogg Hotel and Conference Center on MSU’s campus. Titled “Teaching Composition, Improvisation, and the New Musicianship,” this conference is designed for K-12 music teachers as well as music education college faculty and students. More than 94 scholars, teachers, and musicians from three continents will be presenting clinics, panels, and presentation during the three-day conference. Organizers anticipate that the total attendance will be between 200 and 300 people.

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