A “Peak” into the Study Abroad Experience in Italy

Join College of Music faculty and 25 students in Todi, Italy on a group travel experience like no other!

The medieval walled town of Todi, located in the “green heart” of Italy’s Umbria region, will be the trip’s primary destination for music, wine tasting and fine Italian cuisine.
The average temperature in the Umbria region during the month of June is 78° -- perfect for outdoor terrace dining.
Attend the “Festa della Musica,” an annual music festival in Todi's spectacular plaza.
MSU College of Music faculty and students present music selections in churches, outdoor pavilions and art galleries.
Tour the Orvieto Duomo Cathedral, including the historic and captivating “Orvieto Underground.”
Observe first-hand, lessons taught by senior faculty that will help shape performances by student musicians for the finale concert of the study abroad experience.

Friends of the MSU College of Music can experience the music, architecture and culture of central Italy alongside faculty and students through a small group tour offered in June 2018.

“Experience Umbria: The Green Heart of Italy” invites travelers on an 11-day residential tour based in the medieval walled city of Todi. The all-inclusive tour combines historic exploration, music and music festivals, wine tasting, fine dining, and sampling of local Italian cuisine. The trip ends in Rome, featuring excursions to major sites, five-star lodging, and dinner in a top-rated restaurant.

A unique component of the tour gives travelers an inside view of the life of student musicians participating in the College’s Study Abroad program in Todi. Travelers will take guided tours of Todi’s closed or “hidden churches” and other archeological sites that are not open to the public, followed by the chance to observe master classes for piano, cello and voice in beautiful, historic settings.  The trip includes site seeing, luncheons and dinner with students and faculty, and a seat at the final concert of the Todi Study Abroad program.

“We’re delighted to offer old and new friends and patrons of the College of Music the opportunity to experience the wonders of the ‘Green Heart’ of Italy,” says James Forger, Dean of the College of Music. “This immersive experience comes with a life-time of memories, as well as the chance to see first-hand how the musical learning process develops through intensive lessons and master classes to the concert stage. This international study abroad program has a remarkable impact that will delight the listener.” 

View and download the brochure: Experience Umbria: The Green Heart of Italy (PDF)

“Experience Umbria: The Green Heart of Italy” runs from June 15 to June 25, 2018 and is limited to 14 travelers. Reservation deposit due on or before February 5, 2018. For information on how you can be part of this small group tour, please contact Rebecca Surian, senior director of development for the College of Music, at surian@msu.edu or by calling 517-353-9872.

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