Our Mission

Musicians’ Wellness Team Mission Statement

The Musicians' Wellness Team at Michigan State University seeks to promote musical health in the College of Music through a three-pronged approach:

  • Consultation and Referral for Musical Injuries. The team seeks to match students’ health needs, whether vocal, hearing, musculoskeletal, or psychological, to appropriate treatment resources available on and off campus. Students and faculty may make a private appointment with team members during the monthly Consult and Refer sessions onsite, or see Dr. Palac for help any time.
  • Education Toward Healthy Musicianship. The team collaborates with College of Music faculty and other health professionals on and off campus in developing prevention strategies such as exercise classes and information sessions on specific topics such as stage fright, hearing protection, posture, etc. It aims to be visible and accessible for consultation with students and faculty. Team members teach two courses in healthy musicianship: an undergraduate section, offered in spring of odd years, and a graduate section, taught in fall of odd years.
  • Research. The team has developed a research agenda focusing on such issues as the pedagogy of healthy performance on various instruments and voice, access to appropriate health care for musicians, the biomechanics of healthy musicianship. Team members also assist music students who wish to explore this area further with and research resources.