Cultural Dialog

Latin IS America focuses on musical, artistic and scholarly events that celebrate the blending of Latin American and U.S. cultures

Together, we can collaborate and share broader experiences of U.S. and Latin American cultural influences.

The Latin IS America festival offers an exceptional opportunity for MSU, artists, and the surrounding community to engage in sharing resources and creative works that enhance our understanding of our merging Latin American and U.S. cultures.

Moving forward, MSU looks to continually develop Latin IS America to build a broad network of performers, artists, and scholars who will contribute their time and talents to this arts and culturally blended festival. Plans are to expand the web presence, support a web platform for digital sharing, and archive materials to facilitate the exchange of educational resources, expand the range of arts involved, and encourage the creation of commissioned works.

Organizers believe that active engagement can transform Latin IS America into a festival with national and international prominence that provides comprehensive, accessible, and artistic resources for all educational levels and communities.

Toward that end, musicians, educators, scholars, and community members are invited to partake of the ongoing collection of resources, as well as to provide feedback and share ideas. Your input helps guarantee that Latin IS America will continue to evolve as a festival and as a collection of resources that captures the spirit of exchange between all our vibrant cultures.

Provide feedback
What did you think of the performances, discussions and activities that made up our first Latin IS America? Take a few minutes and fill out our survey here.

Check out resources and links
Are you interested in learning more about the blending of Latin and American cultures? Or in leveraging educational or community resources? Towards the end of this festival, visit this page again to check out links to resources, references and community tools in this continuously updated section.

Knowledge Network
This collaboration between the MSU College of Music and the MSU Alumni Association’s Knowledge Network provides a web-based platform that enables MSU authors to share discoveries through a digital community. Click here to observe and participate.

Participate or share
Are you a musician? Artist? Scholar? Educator? We encourage you to submit ideas and proposals for performances and activities for upcoming Latin IS America festivals. Bookmark this page and revisit at the conclusion of the festival to connect with the festival committee regarding you insight and perspective.