Career Services FAQs

How can I hire a musician from the College of Music?

a) The MSU College of Music is pleased to offer MSU Gigline, a service for individuals and organizations seeking performers for weddings, receptions, parties, and other special events, both on- and off-campus. The following list includes students, faculty, and community musicians. To make a booking, contact the performer(s) of your choice directly to discuss and negotiate availability, fees, and other details. All performers set their own rates. The online artist showcase can be found here:  

b) There are two ways to select a musician through Gigline. Clients can view the online showcase of musicians and pick an entertainer to email directly. 2. If the online showcase does not meet their needs, clients may use MSU’s MySpartanCareer job database  as a job board to post a gig. Students can then easily search active postings find gigs that interest them. As the client, you will receive emails whenever a student indicates interest in your event. To access MySpartanCareer, follow the link for employers at Please note that opportunities should be posted 3-4 weeks ahead of time on MySpartanCareer.