Running Start Spotlights

Haobing Zhu

Photo © Kurt Stepnitz

October Interview

Haobing Zhu, Alum, DMA '14

Can you summarize your current entrepreneurial projects in a sentence or two?

With the generous sponsorship of Joanne and Bill Church, I produced a CD featuring my performance of Jianzhong Wang’s piano compositions of Chinese traditional music, combined with commentary notes and a book of art depicting the specific scenes and regions of the country described in the music.

How has your career, project, or initiative been growing and developing since you graduated? Since last year? What are your next steps as you go forward?

With the support from Arts Council of Greater Lansing, I gave two concerts in 2013, including multimedia performance and interactive sessions with the audience. I released my CD, "Chasing the Moon," in June 2014. I am planning to share my project through events of intercultural communication. Meanwhile, I will devote most of my time to performance and education as faculty in piano department of Shanghai Normal University College of Music.

How has the College of Music prepared you to embark on your career?
The College of Music has provided me opportunities to perform at various events and interact with people from different fields and cultures, such as the Study Abroad Program and the Greater Lansing Community Concert Series. These experiences have broadened my educational horizon. Taking classes such as "Music in Business" has taught me how to effectively share music with the community. Supportive faculty and an encouraging environment helped me to find my own voice and confidence, and continue to give me wings to pursue big dreams.

What do you think are the most important skills to have as a 21st century musician?

It is challenging to pursue our deepest artistic goals within the changing market. It is important to know how to promote and share your music with the wildest possible audience. Performing at the highest level is the starting point. Beyond that, we can discover the role of music in society, how it can integrate with other subjects, and how we can take advantages of innovative techniques to bring music to the world.

What words of wisdom do you have for prospective MSU students?
Be passionate about your dream. You can walk only as far as you dream.