Independent Study and Override Forms

2019–2020 Academic Year

Non-ensemble Overrrides

Please click here for the online fillable form for non-ensemble overrides.

Independent Study forms

Please click here to view and download a PDF form for independent study.

Independent Study forms must be routed with your professor and should be filled out completely. Please make sure you include the following:

The course number:

  • MUS 290 (most freshmen and sophomores),
  • MUS 490 (most Juniors and Seniors)  
  • MUS 890 (graduate level)

The correct section number:

  • Click here to view a PDF that lists all section numbers. Please be sure you have the correct section number listed on your form.

Your professors approval:

  • In lieu of signatures, please attach your completed form and email it to your professor to confirm your independent study.
  • Forward the email of your professor’s approval to

Incomplete forms may not be processed