Due to the ongoing pandemic, the University has restricted professional travel. However, it is still possible for graduate students to apply for fees associated with presentations at virtual conferences or with virtual auditions or competitions. Please use the form below. ___________________________

College of Music Graduate Students who are currently enrolled in a degree program may be eligible for funds to present research/creative work at virtual conferences or to participate in virtual auditions and competitions. They may also be eligible for Research Enhancement, Emergency or Dissertation Completion funds.  Applications are processed and approved through the College of Music Graduate Office before being sent to the Graduate School for final approval. Please read carefully regarding funding criteria and limits.

NOTE:  All requests must be submitted to the Music Graduate Office, 207 MPB.  We will forward them to the Graduate School for you. 

Research Enhancement, Virtual Conference Presentations, and Virtual Auditions and Competitions 

Emergency funding can be provided by the Graduate School through the College of Music Graduate Office. 
NOTE:All requests must be submitted to the Music Graduate Office by emailing the form to

Council for Graduate Students (COGS) - Graduate students who are currently enrolled could also apply for various funds for events, conferences, professional development, or leadership awards from The Council for Graduate Students. 

Incoming/Prospective Students - Students who are considering MSU for graduate school may be able to find funding through the following sources: