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What are my PID #/PAN # ?

The PID # is your ‘Personal Identification Number’ / Student Number. The PAN # is your ‘Personal Access Number.’ Both numbers are student specific and are used to identify you through the University and through enrollment. Many areas will request the PID # when trying to answer your questions. Your PAN # should be kept as secret as possible.

How do I get a Student ID card?

Take a picture ID card (Driver License, Passport, etc.) and your PID # to Room 170 International Center. You will need this card to ‘enroll’ with the Main Library, to use as a Residence Hall meal card, for riding the bus, etc. Please keep this card on you. It will also have your PID # on it and many departments need that information when they check/verify your records.

Do I have an MSU e-mail account? 

MSU provides students, faculty and staff with e-mail service.  You can access this two ways.  

Go to a web browser and type in https://mail.msu.edu/imp/login.php 

Once there, if you have not activated your account, click the link ‘activate your NetID’. You will need your PID and PAN in order to set it up.  Follow the directions as listed.  The e-mail ‘name’ (Net ID) they assign will be used to log into other programs

How do I find out about deadlines and/or programs for graduate students?

College of Music dates and deadlines 
University calendars and deadlines

Are there orientation exams? 

All new studentsare required to take the Graduate Orientation Examination in Music Theory exam. (MM in Jazz Studies students are exempt). Each Academic Year, it is held on the Sunday before classes begin. You will receive an e-mail from the Graduate Studies Office to remind you.  

How does The Graduate Office in the College of Music connect with you?

The Graduate Studies Office sends regular/important notices to MSU e-mail addresses. We do not use non-MSU e-mail addresses after your arrival for your first semester.  We also do not Facebook, Tweet or Text information.

      ** Under ‘MSU Prefs’ ‘Forwarding Address’ enter musgrad@msu.edufor the College of Music Graduate Studies program. 

      ** Should you receive an e-mail that looks as if there is no message, please hit ‘Reply’.  This will then show you what the message 

           is and you reply as needed.  Hopefully, we will resolve this problem soon.

NOTE: We send a lot of information and we want to make certain that you get it.  While forwarding your MSU e-mail is fine, please make certain that you read our e-mails and that you keep your ‘server’ (MSU e-mail) from reaching capacity.  Please remember to check your MSU e-mail during vacations and summer breaks.  

What is StuInfo? 

StuInfo is a set of profile screens related to your academic and financial situation at MSU.  StuInfo matches your ID with your record and allows you access to your schedules, billing amounts, billing due dates, financial aid info, etc.  

Go to a web browser and type in https://login.msu.edu/?App=J9500. 

Your MSU NetID and password are your sign-in.  You should not allow others access into your program.  The Graduate Studies Office may ask you to log into the program when you request assistance, however, you have the right to decline that request.


What are my degree requirements? 

To learn about degree requirements, be sure to do the following:

1.) Make an appointment with our Graduate Advisor Ms. Susan Hoekstra. You can do this by emailing Anne Simon to set up an appointment.
2.) Read carefully The Graduate Student Handbook  

How do I enroll for classes? 

Enrollment is done through the Schedule of Courses.  

Read the Directions carefully.



What is an override? 

As courses are set up in the system, specific requirements are attached to them. These include ‘Open only to Graduate Students’, ‘Open only to Doctoral Students’, and includes prerequisite coursework. The Graduate Secretary can add an override into the system and then the system will allow you to enroll, however, please try to enroll before requesting an override. An override is NOT enrollment. Students are expected to enroll for their courses through the first week of classes. After that time, the Graduate Secretary has to do all of those.

Courses that ALWAYS REQUIRE an override: 

1.) ALL 400-level courses
2.) ALL courses that begin with ‘89’ or ‘99’ - (890, 896, 897, 898, 899, 990, 996, 997, 998, 999)
3.) Most lesson credits


3.)Course # AND Section #
4.)Number of credits
5.)What semester you plan to enroll for

Override requests should be sent to musgrad@msu.edu

What if a course is full?

Once a course is full, the Graduate Studies Office keeps a ‘Waiting List’. Please do not go to the professor of the course. ALL waiting lists are maintained from/by the Graduate Studies Office. We monitor the class enrollments and, as spaces become available, we enroll students from the Waiting Lists. If enrollment occurs, the student is notified by e-mail. We continue this process through the first 1-2 weeks of classes.

Do I have to ‘confirm attendance’? 

One of the links on StuInfo is ‘Confirm Attendance.’ The official wording for Confirm Attendance is below, however, it would be best if you make this a part of your enrollment process. If attendance is not confirmed, MSU will drop all of your courses, and, being disenrolled can create all kinds of problems throughout campus. More info. 

Confirmation of attendance is especially important for students who are not required to make a minimum payment. It is the only way that MSU knows you plan to attend the semester. Confirmation of Attendance is automatic whenever a non-financial aid payment is received on a student account.

If your financial aid was not on your registration bill, but has been or will be applied to your account before the due date, you must confirm attendance by clicking on the button. 

How am I billed? 

Billing is done through an e-mail from MSU, telling students to go to StuInfo. Click on 'Account Detail'. This will show you all of the charges and all of the payments. Scholarships, loans and assistantships are automatically listed when students are fully enrolled. There's a spot for Account Balance. If everything is paid in full, that balance will be 0. If you owe money, it will tell you how much. If you are owed a refund, the amount will show as a negative number. That money will be mailed to you.

If you owe money, click on 'View & Print Bill'. This screen tells you how much is due and when it's due. Right below 'View & Print Bill' is 'Bill Payment'. This gives you several options on how to pay and directions for doing so.

Log into StuInfo.
Click on Billing Services
Click on View and Print Bill
Click on View Bill for the appropriate line
Once in that screen, then scroll down and the Minimum Amount Due will be listed. 

How is my scholarship and/or fellowship applied to my bill? 

Per your scholarship offer/acceptance letter, you must be enrolled for a specific number of credits and be participating in an ensemble. Scholarship monies are automatically applied as soon as you are enrolled full-time. Master’s students must be enrolled for 9 credits and Doctoral students must be enrolled for 6 credits.

** If you do not play in an ensemble your scholarship will be revoked.

** Students are sometimes allowed to be enrolled part-time with each case being considered individually. The Financial Aid Office can then apply these monies after written College approval.

Fellowship monies are applied similarly. Unless noted otherwise, fellowship offers do not have enrollment or ensemble requirements.

** International Students: ALL International students have automatic deduction of U.S. taxes, when you receive scholarship or fellowship monies. In April of each year, you are allowed to file taxes and you should be able to have some of that money returned to you. You should contact OISS in March of each year if you have had money taken out this way.

What about my student loan money? 

The federal government and many loan companies have specific enrollment requirements. ALL loan questions should be referred to the Office of Financial Aid. A reduction in loan monies CAN be caused by receiving scholarship and fellowship monies.

How do I download my recital onto File Depot?

Click here for instructions 

How do I apply to graduate?

Students MUST apply to graduate through the Registrar’s Office website (https://www.reg.msu.edu/).  Students completing all of the requirements for a degree, who do not apply, will not graduate.

Frequently Used Acronyms

FS - Fall Semester
GA - Graduate Assistantship
GEU - Graduate Employment Union
IAH - Integrated Arts & Humanities
IMC - Instructional Media Center
MB - Music Building
MPB - Music Practice Building
MSU - Michigan State University
MUS - College of Music; Music
OISS - Office of International Students and Scholars 
PAN - Personal Access Number
PID - Personal Identification Number
RA - Research Assistantship
RO - Registrar’s Office
SEVIS - Student and Exchange Visitor Information System SIS - Student Information System
SS - Spring Semester
TA - Teaching Assistant
TGS - the Graduate School
TOEFL - Test of English as a Foreign Language
US - Summer Semester