Student Recitals

For more information on recitals, go to the Main Office (102 Music Building), call 517-353-5340, or send the office an email at

To schedule a recital and reserve a recital venue, students must review the Venue Calendars to find an appropriate date and time, please request through the Web Checkout Patron Portal, and then submit a completed and faculty signed Student recital contract to the Main Office Mon.–Fri. 8 a.m.–5 p.m., 102 Music Building.

Refer to "Recital Information and Policies" for details on rehearsals, keys programs, and recordings.

If a recital needs to be cancelled, please make sure to have your faculty member sign the Student Recital Cancellation form, and return the completed document to the Main Office (102 Music Building). Cancellations may result in not being able to reschedule a recital until the following semester.