For more information on reserving space for recordings, go to the Main Office (102 Music Building), call 517-353-5340, or send the office an email at

Faculty and students must arrange for their own recording services, whether MSU Recording Services or through external recording entities. 

If you already have a recording, you can upload it to MSU’s free online storage resource File Depot. See PDF for instrucitons.

Recording contract

Cook and Fairchild recording policy

  • Limited to three (3) sessions per student, per semester
  • No more than three (3) hours per session
  • A separate request form must be submitted for each session
  • Make sure to review the appropriate online calendars before submitting a request
  • "Holds" for recording times will be removed unless a completed contract is submitted within 5 business days
  • "Recording Contract" for Cook and Fairchild must have a faculty signature
  • Cook may be used for recordings (when available):
    • End by 5pm and start at or after 10pm, Monday - Friday
    • End by 11:00am and start at or after 10pm, Saturday – Sunday
    • During standard “recital times” in Cook (Monday – Friday, 5:30pm – 10pm; Saturday – Sunday, 11:30am – 10pm)
      • “Recital time” recordings will not be approved if submitted more than 10 business days in advance
      • Any “Hold” will be removed unless a faculty-signed contract is submitted within 5 business days
  • Fairchild Theatre requests will be processed by special arrangement only (contact Chuck Roberts,
    • Fairchild recordings MUST use College of Music Recording Services

Standard classrooms do not have the above limitations on the number of recording sessions per semester. Standard classrooms may use external parties to record the sessions, and may be scheduled during an hours of availability.

Music Building reservation requests can be submitted via the WebCheckout Patron Portal.

If you are interested in using College of Music Recording Services, please visit their page for more information. All recordings scheduled in Fairchild Theatre must use College of Music Recordings Services and must have a completed contract, or the session will be canceled.

This policy will be reviewed at least each semester, to ensure the policy is providing enough time for faculty and students to complete recordings, but to also protect the College of Music spaces from overuse and abuse.