For more information on checking out locker keys, go to the Main Office (102 Music Building), call 517-353-5340, or send the office an email at

There are a limited number of lockers available within the Music and Music Practice buildings.  These lockers are available to students, with Music majors getting priority. A $20 non-refundable fee is required before a locker key is issued.

Locker Key contract

Terms & Conditions

  • Up to 3 students may agree to share a locker, receiving up to 3 keys from the Main Office
    • Once a locker has been assigned, additional students may only be added if the above signed “Student #1” is present and has their MSU ID on-hand
  • A $20 non-refundable maintenance fee may be collected from each student that is issued access to a College of Music locker:
    • This fee will be billed directly to the student account (Cash, check, and credit card payments are no longer accepted)
    • Locker rental fees are currently under review by the Faculty Advisory Committee
  • Students must be present and have their MSU ID on-hand in order to be issued a locker key
  • Keys are to be returned by 5pm on the Friday of Spring Semester Finals Week –OR– as soon as an above-signed student is no longer enrolled at MSU, whichever is sooner
    • Overdue locker keys will be sent for a lock change
    • Lock change charges and replacement keys ($85 minimum) will be billed to student accounts
    • If only one student fails to return a key, that student will be charged the full amount
    • If more than one student fails to return a key, the cost will be divided evenly
    • Items left in lockers will be held for 30 days, before being sent to DPPS or MSU Surplus
  • Lockers are still owned by the College of Music, and staff may require access to lockers even while signed out for use by student(s)
  • Locker rental and fee policies may change at any time, without prior notification to current users

See the Key Policies for more general information on loaned keys.