Honors Concert Competition Rules and Regulations

Woodwind Area Honor’s Competiton Rules

Eligibility to compete

  •  Contestant must be a full-time student enrolled for lessons or recital credits with MSU applied studio faculty. Full-time student is defined below.
    • BA/BM — 12+ credits
    • MM — 9+ credits
    • DMA — 6+ credits
    • ABD — 1+ credits
    • DIPLOMA — 4+ credits
  • Permission to compete and repertoire approval must be granted by studio professor.
  • A contestant can compete as a soloist, or as a member of a duo, trio, or quartet. A student may not apply twice in one year nor compete in more than one area competition. For example, Bach oboe/violin Double Concerto can only be entered in the woodwind area or string area, but not both.
  • Previous winners may not compete. However, a student may win one time as an undergraduate and compete again as a graduate.
  • Should a student/group advance to the Honor’s Concert, they must be available for the concert performance in which the student(s) is/are featured as soloist(s) as well as all rehearsals in preparation for the said concert. The student(s) will also be responsible for all necessary travel expenses.

Repertoire/performance requirements on Honor’s Competition Concert

  • Music selection must have ensemble accompaniment for orchestra or wind ensemble that is readily available.
  • Memorization is strongly recommended but not required.
  • Should the contestant(s) win, they must perform the same work/movements on the Honor’s Concert as they did for the competition.
  •  Maximum performance time is 20 minutes. If the conductor determines that a chosen repertoire piece is too long for the performance he/she may, after consultation with the studio professor, determine which movements will be performed.

Procedure to Woodwind Final Round

  • Each professor’s studio may bring THREE finalists to the Woodwind Round. Only the highest level of performance should be considered for the Woodwind Final Round. A studio professor may choose to send no one or less than three contestants/ensembles forward.  
  •  Each studio professor may determine his/her best method to arrive at finalists. It is recommended that the entire work be vetted through performance prior to reaching the Woodwind Final Round.

Woodwind Final Round

  • Woodwind Final Audition will take place during Fall Semester Final Exam Week.
  • Contestants must provide ONE HARD COPY of the musical score to the judges at the time of the Woodwind Final audition.
  • Three outside judges will determine ONE Winner from the woodwind area to perform on the Honor’s Competition Concert, plus one Alternate.
  • Only 10 minutes of playing time is allowed (and will be timed!) in the Woodwind Final Round.
  • Multi movement works and works longer than 10 minutes must be prepared in entirety. Contestants will present 10 minutes of their choice from a longer piece however the judges reserve the right to ask for sections that are not presented, should they feel the need.
  • Contestants must provide their own accompanist for the competition.
  • The names of the winner and the alternate from the woodwind area will be announced the morning following the woodwind final round.