Venue Calendars

Here you will find performance calendars and venue request forms. Calendars show currently reserved dates and time blocks associated with each event.

See the Google Calendar below to view venue schedule and availablity. Note that the two letter abreviations denote the following venues:

  • (MH) Murray Hall
  • (WC) Wharton Center
  • (FT) Fairchild Theatre
  • (CK) Cook Recital Hall
  • (AC) Alumni Chapel
  • (DM) Demonstration Hall

Be sure to toggle between “Week” and “Agenda” tabs to view full event times scheduled. You can filter schedule details by clicking the down arrow listed to the right of the Agenda Tab.

Music Building, Billman Music Pavilion and Music Practice Building Calendar of Events
Includes Cook Recital Hall, Murray Hall, Hollander Hall (120MB), Large Rehearsal Hall, Medium Rehearsal Hall, and classrooms.

To submit a scheduling request:

  1. Review the online calendars to select an appropriate date and time.
  2. Submit a scheduling request through the WebCheckout Patron Portal.  Requests should be confirmed or denied within 2-4 business days. Requests will be processed in the order they are received.
  3. Requests for Fairchild Theatre must be sent to Nick Raffaele ( Student use of Fairchild is not generally permitted, except by special permission and the approval of a faculty advisor.
  4. Please review the policy information for Student Recitals, Faculty and Guest Artist performances, and College of Music Recording Services, visit the appropriate linked pages.  For full details, Undergraduate and Graduate students should review the appropriate Handbooks.