Program Production


Information regarding style guidelines, text submition, and production of printed programs for concerts and events presented by the College of Music


  • Four weeks prior to your event date, the Main Office will send an email to remind the event contact person that program information is due in one week. The reminder will include a Word document offering a few key elements of program information that will be needed. View (and use, if you would like) a program information form in Word that will arrive with your e-email reminder.
  • Information for your program must be submitted to the Main Office via email as an attached Word document (view sample of information submitted) three weeks prior to your event. Regardless of how the original information was compiled, it must be submitted to the Main Office via email as a Word document attachment. The Main Office cannot accept printed papers, pdfs, Excel files or other formats since they slow down the program process.
  • Formatting, which refers to the fonts, spacing and layout, will be completed by the Main Office. You do not need to submit the program information in the proper formatting for printing. We do ask, however, that an effort is made to provide details for your program that follow guidelines presented in the College of Music Program Style Guide. There are guidelines specific to listing repertoire, bios, translations and many other details.
  • Once you have received confirmation that your Word document has been received, the Main Office will format the information into a draft of the program and work directly with the event contact to review and make changes as needed. The first draft of the program will typically be sent for review two weeks prior to the event.
  • Upon the completion of the first round of edits, the Main Office will send a second draft of the program to designated proofreaders who will look at every detail and recommend edits as necessary. The Main Office will then make recommended changes and resubmit to the event contact a final draft of the program one week prior to the event. 
  • The event contact is asked to approve the final draft of the program as quickly as possible. Programs are typically printed 3 days prior to an event.
  • Completed programs for all events held in Cook, Fairchild, Murray Hall, or Demonstration Hall will be delivered to the venue by event staff. The performers or their representatives must pick up completed programs in the Main Office, 102 Music Building, for any event held at Wharton Center. Programs can be picked up the day before or day of an event on weekdays between 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. or by 4:45 p.m. on the Friday preceding any weekend performance.
  • The earlier programs can be completed the better, as the Main Office will post your program on the display boards in the Music and Music Practice Buildings prior to your performance as additional promotion of the event.


  • Please follow the faculty guidelines above, with the following exceptions:
    • Your signed recital contract will prompt the Main Office staff to send a student recital template to be completed and returned within three weeks of your event (or immediately upon passing your graduate pre-recital hearing).
    • Additional proofreaders will not be available for student programs. You are responsible for proofreading thoroughly and making sure your information follows the stylde guidelines. The Main Office will make formatting changes if necessary.
    • Completed programs must be picked up in the Main Office, 102 Music Building, once you have been informed that they are complete. They will not be delivered to your event by student event staff.
    • If you create your own program without assistance from the Main Office, you should follow all formatting information in the style guide linked above. Your program will need to be delivered to the Main Office via email or in person within two business days following your performance.