Faculty and Guest Recital Policy and Forms

Follow the steps below for securing your event and submitting a contract. If you need to cancel an event, please submit the Faculty, Guest Artist cancellation form 

Faculty and Guest Recital Checklist

  1. This contract is only to be used for Faculty & Guest Recitals being charged standard general admission.
  2. Review online calendar for possible venue & date, after discussing with guest (if applicable).
  3. E-mail Nick Raffaele at raffael2@msu.edu, to submit a faculty or guest recital HOLD request. Include the date,time,venue and the main performer in your e-mail.
  4. Only one recital hold per event may be scheduled at a time. Please determine a date prior to requesting a hold.
  5. Please use the Lecture/Master Class Contract,if there will be no admission and a guest appearance.
  6. To better serve faculty needs and the transfer of necessary contractual details, please review item 4 of the Performance Contract and Policy Agreement. Note the staff contacts below who will be working with the details you provide and can answer questions:
  7. Email this digital form/contract to Nick Raffaele at raffael2@msu.edu. Paper contracts can be turned into Lynne Funk in the Main Office.
  8. Nick Raffaele will review your contract and email you approval once he signs the contract.

Download fillable PDF form here.  

IMPORTANT NOTE: Form must be downloaded and saved to your computer BEFORE filling it out. Once form/contract is completed, save to your computer, and then follow directions 7 and 8 in above checklist.



Performance Contract Policies and Responsibilities

1. Event type. Policies for this contract apply only to:

  • Faculty Recitals
  • Guest Recitals
  • Faculty Recital with Featured Performers

Note: In order to be considered a faculty recital, faculty must perform in at least 50% of the recital. College of Music does not give student ensembles faculty recital time slots.

2. Event venues available for this contract:

  • Cook Recital Hall
  • Fairchild  Theatre
  • Other

3. General admission fees for patrons will be applied to this event ($12 adults, $10 seniors, free for students). If this event requires free admission you must seek approval from the dean. Admission fees help offset costs incurred by the College, including:

  • Box office
  • Stage crew
  • Event staff, including ushers
  • Publicity  (printed calendars and digital  event listings) Note: This does not include custom-produced posters and flyers.
  • Printed programs
  • Piano tuning

4. The faculty member listed for this recital will be the primary contact and will be responsible for the following:

  • Program content and final approval.
    Note: Faculty member is responsible for collecting and approving guest artist content. Programs cannot be printed without final approval from the faculty member listed for this contract.
  • Communicating all staging and artist/instrument needs, including:

i. Stage setup: Chairs, stands, risers, acoustic shells/shades, lighting 
ii. Complete list of performers (proper spelling) and instrument
iii. Recording services (audio, video, Livestream, etc.)
iv. Keyboards (piano, harpsichord, organ, etc.)
v.  Sound  reinforcement and  microphones 
vi. Video projection

  • Providing a description, theme and/or composers for the event  that  will be used  in promotions.
    Note: Examples include College of Music website, season brochure, bimonthly calendars and WKAR​ radio spots.
  • Guest Artist's name  and instrument, which  also includes obtaining:

i. Guest performer bios and head  shots
ii. Guest approval of any photography, recording, Livestream or broadcast 
iii. Any special instrument, staging or sound reinforcement needs

  • Living composer approvals of any recording, Livestream or broadcast. Either directly from the composer or the work's publisher, if the work has not previously been recorded. Provide this to Michael Sundermann.
  • If an event cancellation is needed, faculty member must seek approval from the dean.