Event and Recital Recordings

See the information below regarding guidelines for recording and polices for piano, keyboards and other equipment use.


If you already have a recording, you can upload it to MSU’s free online storage resource File Depot. See PDF for instrucitons.


  • Fill out a Recording Services Form (available online or in 226 Music Building) as soon as your recital date and time are confirmed.
  • Recording Services cannot guarantee that staff will be available to record your performance with less than three weeks' notice.
  • NOTE: All graduate recitals must be professionally recorded.


  • Recital recordings are charged to the individual performer; they cannot be charged to a department account. Ensemble performances are recorded at no charge. 

Keyboard Instruments and Equipment

  • Students are responsible for their own stage set-up, lighting, stage crew, and ushers.  Special requests for multiple pianos, harpsichord or organ must be made at least 10 business days in advance.  Refer to details on the Student Recital Scheduling Contract and in the published Piano Use Policy.