Faculty Travel Fund Application and Guide

Questions and Information

Completed applications should be sent electronically to Shawn Myrda Mahorney, dean’s assistant, by e-mail myrdasha@msu.edu

In order to apply for funding from the College of Music Travel Fund, please include in your document the following information:

  • Your name and the date of the application.
  • A summary of the paper or performance or other creative activity for which you are applying for funding, not to exceed two pages.  This summary should indicate to the committee the importance of this project to the development of your work as a scholar, artist and/or teacher.  It should also address the scope of the audience you will reach through this travel and the extent of the presentation you will prepare.  If there are special considerations that ought to be taken into account by the review committee, please state them.  You are welcome to include supporting material, such as letters of invitation.
  • A list of your expected expenses (e.g., mileage or airfare, accommodations, meals, conference fee).  Also include the amount of any external remuneration or financial support, if any, that you expect to receive from the hosting organization or professional institution as a result of doing this professional activity.  Any proposals lacking a budget will not be funded.
  • Evidence of conference acceptance/performance invitation (copy of email/letter from institution/venue destination).

The Faculty Travel Peer Review Committee will, on the basis of the information provided by applicants for funding, review the applications and make recommendations to the Dean. Ordinarily, funding will be limited to $750 for national travel, $1000 for travel to Canada, and $1500 for international travel. Smaller awards will be granted in cases in which these limits would exceed the cost of travel.

Faculty travel applications will be evaluated at three times during the year. The annual travel budget for the College will be divided among the three overlapping eight-month time periods.

  • September – for travel from September to April.
  • January – for travel from January to August.
  • April – for travel from May to December.