Marketing and Advertising FAQs

MSU provides a variety of instructional resources for faculty and staff. The MSU IT Department developed online tools to assist with classroom activity and resource distribution. You can visit Design 2 Learn (D2L) to learn more about how to use these tools to establish, share, and access content for MSU registered courses.

There are other online resources for faculty to post content. Faculty can publish material to the MSU community at Access to this domain requires an MSU Net ID. A section specific to the College of Music can be found here. (note: you will need to enter you MSU Net ID and password to access this page)

You may also manage your own content and resources at MSU’s dedicated Google for Education space. You can learn about this at MSU IT’s Course Management Systems and Tools webpage. If you have questions about these resources, contact the Communications Office. If you are ready to get started and need assistance, visit MSU IT’s support page for assistance.