Faculty Application for “Designation B” Status

College of Music Guidelines for Considering UNTF Faculty for “Designation B” Status

According to the contract between MSU and the Union of non-Tenure Track Faculty (UNTF), fixed-term faculty who are members of the UNTF may apply to be considered for “Designation B” status after they have taught for a certain number of semesters.

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This web page specifies the criteria and procedures that The College of Music (MUS) will use for reviewing applications for “Designation B” status. Given the nature of UNTF appointments, the focus of the review is primarily on teaching excellence although the review encompasses each area of the faculty member’s assignment. 

  1. The criteria that MUS will use in Designation B reviews are the same it uses for other reviews of faculty teaching, creative/scholarly endeavors, and service.  Click here to view the crieteria provided in the College of Music Bylaws
  2. The procedures that MUS will use for Designation B reviews are as follows. They are designed to be consistent with other review procedures in the college. 
  • The candidate should submit all materials [Form B, an extended curriculum vitae that documents the quality of teaching, research and creative endeavors, and service as appropriate; and a 5-page reflective essay] to the administrative assistant to the Dean by the designated deadline for the semester in question.
  • Materials to be reviewed will also include the following: (a) student instructional ratings forms, which are administered to every student in each class, lesson, or rehearsal each semester as required by MSU policy, (b) any peer teaching reviews, (c) the merit evaluation received in each annual merit salary review (control figures, merit pay increases, and merit ranking), and (d) internal letters of review, which will be solicited from members of the candidate’s area who are of greater rank than the candidate.  If there are fewer than three such faculty in the area, the Dean will solicit letters from one or more members of a closely aligned area to ensure that there are at least three letters.  In the case of faculty from the performance division, the Dean will also solicit letters of evaluation from the appropriate ensemble directors who are of greater rank than the candidate.  The College of Music Advisory Committee will serve as the Designation B review committee.
  • The candidate will be provided an opportunity to meet with the Advisory Committee prior to it making a recommendation.  The Advisory Committee will vote on the case and formulate a recommendation that is included in a report, which is forwarded to the Dean.  
  • The Dean will then review the case and make the final recommendation to the Office of the Provost, according to the timetable for the semester in question.