Music for Social Justice: Richard Fracker, tenor

Special video premiere presentation

Video interview and performance with tenor Richard Fracker

It can be a powerful experience to hear music by composers who have felt the wrath of slavery, Jim Crow laws, and a system stacked against them yet still find it in their hearts to love and cherish life. Such is the case with the compositions of John W. Work, Jr. This performance of his art song Soliloquy is a celebration of the strength shown by Mr. Work and so many other Black American composers who are too often overlooked.

Richard Fracker tenor, performed regularly in opera houses and concert halls throughout the world – including 10 seasons and more than 160 performances at the New York Metropolitan Opera – prior to becoming professor of voice and area chair of Vocal Arts at the MSU College of Music. With versatility both vocally and dramatically, he enthusiastically explores traditional and contemporary repertoires. 

This performance is part of the Michigan State University College of Music video series, Music for Social Justice, an opportunity for MSU artists to express their thoughts and feelings on important social justice issues, doing so with their insightful, often moving comments and of course their art, the music. Nine episodes of the series have been filmed, premiering online August 12 through December 2, 2020.

Watch the premiere of this presentation and share comments on the MSU College of Music YouTube channel.

The 2020–2021 Music for Social Justice video series is generously sponsored by the MSU Federal Credit UnionAll videos in the MSU Music for Social Justice series have been filmed following safety guidelines and regulations as set forth by Michigan State University and the State of Michigan.

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