Music for Social Justice: Randy Napoleon, jazz guitar

Special video premiere presentation

Video interview and performance with jazz guitarist Randy Napoleon

Graphic: Music for Social Justice, Randy Napoleon

This performance is part of the Michigan State University College of Music video series, Music for Social Justice, an opportunity for MSU artists to express their thoughts and feelings on important social justice issues, doing so with their insightful, often moving comments and of course their art, the music. Nine episodes of the series have been filmed, premiering online August 12 through December 2, 2020. 

Watch the premiere of this presentation and share comments on the MSU College of Music YouTube channel.

Randy Napoleon is a jazz guitarist, writer, and arranger known for his nimble finger-style technique and versatility. One of the most sought-after guitarists on the scene today, he is a forward-thinking musician with a passion for the jazz guitar tradition. In addition to backing and leading multiple bands, Napoleon is associate professor of jazz guitar at the MSU College of Music

The 2020–2021 Music for Social Justice video series is generously sponsored by the MSU Federal Credit Union

All videos in the MSU Music for Social Justice series have been filmed following safety guidelines and regulations as set forth by Michigan State University and the State of Michigan.

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