Mark Hetzler, trombone

Venue: Room 120, Music Building


Professor of Trombone at the University of Wisconsin- Madison

Solitude - An Electro-Acoustic Performance/Demonstration:

This presentation will feature unaccompanied works performed on trombone in both an electronic and acoustic setting, including compositions by J.S. Bach (Allemande from Cello Suite No. 2), Matthew Burtner (AES/AER), Anders Eliasson (Disegno), John Stevens (Caravaggio) and Mark Engebretson (Luminous), as well improvisations and soundscapes produced by Mark Hetzler. Featuring the use of hardware and software, the demonstration portion of this event will cover various music technologies and their use in performance, composition and recording practices. While the featured instrument is trombone, this presentation is geared to all music students (performers, composers and producers) and covers a variety of topics relevant to the modern musician.

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