Khemia Ensemble concert

VENUE: MSU Community Music School
4930 S. Hagadorn Road East Lansing, MI

Latin IS America

An exceptional ensemble of award-winning musicians, Khemia Ensemble comes to Michigan State University with an exciting program of innovative and electrifying works by composers from around the Americas.

The word border is irremediably linked to the idea of ​​limit: who are we and what separates us from each other? Where are we located and what is the place that occupy those who are not us? What makes us the same and what sets us apart? "Open Borders,” an audiovisual experience, is an invitation to think about the limits that have been imposed upon us and to reflect on our own self-imposed limitations through a program where the voices of the North and the South are blurred to create their own territory.

Khemia performers:
Amy Petrongelli, Soprano
Ashley Stanley, Flute
Thiago Ancelmo, Clarinet
Chelsea Tinsler, Percussion
Shane Jones, Percussion
Blair Salter, Piano
Lauren Pulcipher, Violin
Horacio Contreras, Cello

Khemia Composers in Residence:
Bret Bohman and Carolina Heredia

Bret Bohman - Spiral (2015)
Ricardo Lorenz - Fluteball (2015)
Marcos Balter - Ear, Skin and Bone Riddles (2010)
Mario Lavista - Madrigal (2007)
Carolina Heredia - Lus in Bello (2014)
Luis Gómez - Sobre la rama baja (2015) 

The eight members of Khemia Ensemble have come together across five countries from the Americas: Venezuela, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, and the United States to form an ensemble that seeks to diversify and spread the music of living composers.  In the Fall of 2014, Argentinian composer, Carolina Heredia, assembled a group of like-minded musicians with the goal of bringing together unique concert experiences and fresh contemporary chamber music. By summer 2015, Khemia Ensemble launched a successful fundraising campaign to travel and provide free of charge residencies to the National University of Bogota (Colombia) and National University of Cordoba (Argentina).  As a part of these residencies, Khemia commissioned five works, of which, three were written by South American composers. The newly commissioned music from this residency was featured on Khemia’s inaugural album that was released in the Winter of 2016, “Voyages.”

The remainder of the 2015-2016 season centered around a Midwest album release tour that featured the premiere of Khemia’s interactive lighting installation. Sponsored by a grant from the University of Michigan Excel Program and the Arts Engine Program, this  permanent installation was created in a collaboration between Khemia member/composer, Bret Bohman, and the Cincinnati-based sound and visual production company Intermedio.  The lights use audio-visual technology that responds live to the rhythm and intensity of the music we are performing, creating an exciting multi-sensory experience for the audience. Khemia used this technology to performed a series of interactive concerts throughout Cincinnati, Ann Arbor and Detroit venues. 


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