Flanders Recorder Quartet

Venue: Fairchild Theatre, MSU Auditorium


Flanders Quartet: Bart Spanhove, Paul Van Loey, Tom Beets, Joris Van Goethem.

The Flanders Recorder Quartet, one of Belgium’s top chamber ensembles, presents its 30th anniversary tour with “The Final Chapter,” a program of mostly Baroque music with works by Bach, Praetorius and Schein. The program will also include a recent work by Sören Sieg, commissioned by the Quartet.

Although this is the final year for the quartet, as they have decided to disband at the end of 2018, their unique style will be remembered. 

$10 adults; $8 seniors; free for students and those under 18 with valid ID

Sample Recording: Flanders Recorder Quartet - Fuga in D (J.S. Bach)

For more than thirty years, the Flanders Recorder Quartet has toured worldwide, including annual American tours since 1994. The group maintains a prominence in the world of Early Music and performs regularly at several leading music festivals. The four members, Bart Spanhove, Paul Van Loey, Tom Beets and Joris Van Goethem, each have built a distinguished teaching career outside of performance. Together they have produced more than a dozen albums, some in collaboration with other prominent artists. 

See the Flanders Quartet website to learn more about this ensemble.

Special Student Engagement

The Art of the Renaissance and Baroque Recorder
Tuesday, February 27, 10:20 a.m. 
Fairchild Theatre, MSU Auditorium

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