SUSPENDED: Dr. Eric Wen, music theorist

Venue: 241 Music Building

Photo of Eric Wen
Eric Wen, music theorist

In accordance with the state’s emergency declaration and protocols set by MSU, all music events have been suspended. Please read notice.

Mapping the Tonal Landscape: Not the destination but the Journey

Wen will present the relevance of combined-species counterpoint in the understanding of harmonic sequences. Wen will argue that the concept of "harmonic" sequences is actually very misleading, and obscures the contrapuntal origin of sequential patterns. The Schenker method, based on the theories of Heinrich Schenker (1868–1935) exploration of tonal music, refers to combined species as the "bridge to free composition.” Wen will offer significant analysis of the Schenkerian method and site a variety of examples.

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