Concert Programs



Mar. 29: Percussion Collective Robert van Sice

Mar. 28: Suren Bagratuni, cello, Ja-Eun Koo, piano

Mar. 25: Latin IS America: Projeto Arcomusical

Mar. 21: Critical Junctures: Four Cornerstones of Solo Percussion Music

Mar. 20: Margarita Shevchenko, piano

Mar. 13: Richard Fracker, tenor, Elden Little, piano


Feb. 27: Flanders Recorder Quartet

Feb. 17: Walter Verdehr Alumni Concert II

Feb 16: Shanghai Conservatory Piano Student Showcase

Feb. 15: Michael Kroth, bassoon, and Deborah Moriarty, piano

Feb. 13: Gwendolyn Dease, percussion, and Jon Weber, percussion

Feb. 11: Symphony Orchestra

Feb. 9: Jazz Octets and Jazz Pianist Helen Sung

Feb. 9: Maxim Rubstov, flute

Feb. 7: Composition Faculty Recital

Feb. 3: A Night in Vienna 


Jan. 29: Musique 21

Jan. 17: Mark Rucker, baritone and Sadie Rucker, piano

Jan. 12: Richard Sherman, flute


Dec. 8: Jazz Orchestras and Jazz Drummer Harvey Mason

Dec. 7: Concert Orchestra

Dec. 6: Suren Bagratuni, cello, and Camerata Michigan

Dec. 3: Campus Choir, Chamber Choir, Women’s Chamber Ensemble

Dec. 2: Women's Glee Club and Men's Glee Club

Dec. 1: Symphony Orchestra


Nov. 28: Dmitri Berlinky, violin

Nov. 21: Philip Sinder, tuba

Nov. 20: Trombone Choir

Nov. 13: Panayis Lyras, piano

Nov. 10: Tasha Warren, clarinet, chamber music

Nov. 6: Carnival of the Animals, Music of Camille Saint-Saëns

Nov. 5: Anne Nispel, soprano, and Elden Little, piano

Nov. 2: Percussion Ensemble

Nov. 1: Mingzhe Wang, clarinet


Oct. 31: Lyn Goeringer, composer

Oct. 30: Walter Verdehr, violin, and Ralph Votapek, piano

Oct. 27: State Singers and University Chorale

Oct. 23: Musique 21

Oct. 16: I Never Saw Another Butterfly, Music of the Holocaust

Oct. 13: Jazz Orchestras and Jazz Trumpeter Michael Philip Mossman

Oct. 12: Concert Orchestra

Oct. 11: Crystal Mooncone, electroacoustic trio

Oct. 9: Capitol Quartet, saxophone

Oct. 8: Melanie Helton, soprano, and Chen-Yu Huang, harp

Oct. 6: MSU-China Exchange Concert

Oct. 1: Anne Nispel, soprano, and Harlan Jennings, baritone


Sept. 29: Symphony Orchestra

Sept. 27: Corbin Wagner, horn

Sept. 25: Musique 21

Sept. 25: Harmonious Blacksmith

Sept. 16: A Fairchild Fanfare MSUFCU Showcase Series

Sept. 12: David Shifrin, clarinet, and friends

Sept. 10: “Voices of Formosa”

Sept. 8: Professors of Jazz

Sept. 1: Jan Eberle, oboe, Ralph Votapek, piano




April 24: Musique 21

April 20: Ralph Votapek, piano

April 18: Women’s Chamber Ensemble, Chamber Choir and Campus Choir

April 17: Momenta Quartet

April 15: Piano Monster 

April 15: Piano Trio, guest artists violinist Fangye Sun; pianist Xiao Xue Sun; cellist Daniel Tressel

April 13: Percussion Ensemble

April 10: Ken Prouty, trombone, Joseph Lulloff, saxophone, and Ron Newman, piano

April 8: Xiang Chen, violin

April 3: Florestan and Eusebius, the Music of Robert Schumann

April 1: State Singers and University Chorale


March 28: Zhihua Tang, piano

March 24: Symphony Orchestra

March 24: Jazz Orchestras and Jazz Trombonist Conrad Herwig

March 22-26: The Marriage of Figaro

March 19: Yuri Gandelsman, viola

March 1: Mark Rucker, baritone


Feb. 28: Cappella Pratensis

Feb. 27: Gwen Dease, Jon Weber, and ARX Duo

Feb. 24: MSU Professors of Jazz

Feb. 18: ~Nois Saxophone Quartet

Feb. 10: Jazz Octets and Jazz Clarinetist Anat Cohen

Feb. 5: Chen-Yu Huang, harp

Feb. 4: I-Fu Wang, violin, with Ralph Votapek, piano

Feb. 3: Symphony Orchestra

Feb. 3: Melanie Helton, soprano, Elden Little, piano

Feb. 1: Margarita Shevchenko, piano


Jan. 31: Dmitri Berlinsky, violin, and guests

Jan. 30: Musique 21

Jan. 27: Jane Bunnell, mezzo-soprano, and Marc Embree, bass-baritone

Jan. 26: Joseph Lulloff, saxophone

Jan. 25: Philip Sinder, tuba

Jan. 23: Happy Birthday Mozart!

Jan. 15: Jazz: Spirituals, Prayer, and Protest

Jan. 15: Tasha Warren, clarinet

Jan. 11: Richard Sherman, flute, and Ralph Votapek, piano

Jan. 9: Jan Eberle, oboe, English horn


Dec. 17: A Jazzy Little Christmas

Dec. 10: Handel's Messiah

Dec. 9: Jazz Orchestras and Jazz Bassist Rufus Reid

Dec. 7: Concert Orchestra

Dec. 5: Panayis Lyras, Piano

Dec. 4: Yuri Gandelsman, Viola

Dec. 1: Brooklyn Rider


Nov. 29: Michael Kroth, Bassoon

Nov. 29: Women's and Men's Glee Club

Nov. 28: Prokofiev, A Russian Giant

Nov. 21: Symphony Orchestra and MSU Jazz Orchestra

Nov. 11: Jazz Octets

Nov. 8: Bruce Dickey (MSU alumnus), cornetto, and Hana Blažíková, soprano

Nov. 7: Walter Verdehr, violin

Nov. 7: Breaking Winds Bassoon Quartet concert

Nov. 6: Trombone Choir

Nov. 6: Tuba Euphonium Ensemble

Nov. 5: Anne Nispel, soprano, and Elden Little, piano

Nov. 3: Percussion Ensemble

Nov. 1: Sauren Bagratuni, cello


Oct. 28: Symphony Orchestra

Oct. 30: Ava Ordman, trombone, and Bob Ward, bass trombone

Oct. 27: Wind Symphony

Oct. 26: Mingzhe Wang, clarinet

Oct. 25: Iskander Zakirov, piano 

Oct. 24: Musique 21

Oct. 14: Jazz Orchestras with Guitarist Russell Malone

Oct. 12: Concert Orchestra

Oct. 11: Neal Corwell, euphonium

Oct. 9: Justin Emerich, trumpet

Oct. 4: Aldo Abreu, recorder


Sept. 30: Symphony Orchestra

Sept. 28: Corbin Wagner, horn

Sept. 26: Musique 21

Sept. 23: Guy Yehuda, clarinet, and Deborah Moriarty, piano

Sept. 18: BrassWorks Showcase

Sept. 18: Marc Embree, bass-baritone

Sept. 11: Richard Fracker, tenor

Sept. 9: MSU Professors of Jazz

Sept. 7: Melanie Helton, soprano


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