Diversity and Inclusion Recommendations

The Committee on Diversity and Inclusion has met regularly to discuss the climate on diversity within the College of Music. Articles and literature on various subjects stemming from Title IX, gender diversity, gender neutral restrooms, racial diversity, listening sessions and various materials from the MSU Office of Inclusion and Intercultural Iniatives.
Faculty, staff and students are invited to submit recommendations to the College of Music Committee on Diversity and Inclusion. Recommendations can be submitted to members of the committee, through the Advisory Committee, Area Chairs or submitted directly to Rodney Whitaker, director of Diversity and Inclusion.

12 Recommendations:

  1. Encourage women’s faculty group to continue to meet and bring forward ideas
  2. Create a Student Committee on Diversity that will meet weekly, and also meet once a month with the College of Music Faculty Diversity Committee
  3. Plan an all-school convocation to discuss issues such as Title IX, SIRS forms, etc. We would like to start a conversation about what students see in the videos they view as part of their orientation. We would like to turn the conversation to more music-specific issues, since we have different power dynamics here than elsewhere--which would include an annual student convocation on diversity.
  4. Annual faculty/staff retreat to discuss issues such as Title IX, privilege and cultural diversity
  5. Create a College of Music Bridge Program that would provide resources, tutoring, and theory training for minority and foreign students
  6. Amend FIFs to include diversity efforts and mentoring of minority and foreign students
  7. Establish a Diversity Award which could acknowledge:  faculty, staff and students
  8. Put together a display case in a high traffic, visible space, perhaps in the music practice building lobby and include diversity materials on the electronic screens
  9. Convene a task force to address inaccessibility issues
  10. Search for external funding for gender neutral bathrooms from government and non-profit organizations. Seek out equity funding.
  11. Plan social events and talks that highlight issues of diversity—which would include Town Hall style meeting with the Dean and informal Listening Sessions
  12. Create a Minority Faculty/Staff/Student Organization to be launched immediately