Diversity and Inclusion Events

Students, faculty and staff of the MSU College of Music are invited to participate in workshops and listenting sessions to learn more about the University’s initiative to create a more diverse and inclusive teaching and learning environment.


Examining Implicit Bias. A series of workshops designed to examine implicit bias and begin the work of interrupting personal and embedded biases within our culture.

Workshop facilitators include: Paulette Granberry-Russell, director, MSU Office for Inclusion and Intercultural Initiatives; Dr Deborah J. Johnson, professor, MSU Human Development and Family Studies; 
Jessica Garcia, instructor, MSU Department of Sociology.

Listening Sessions

Exploring Diversity. Join us, offer your perspective and listen to others, as together we discover the many ways we can build unity and understanding through music, culture, and beyond.

Working groups led by students, staff and faculty have devised strategies for listening and learning sessions that are designed to build upon MSU’s overarching vision of a diverse and inclusive university.

Event Schedule

To be announced