Diversity and Inclusion Committees

In November 2015, the College of Music set about to form two diversity and inclusion working groups—one comprised of faculty, the other exclusively of students.

Since then, these two groups have met collectively and independently to formulate strategies for strengthening equity, inclusion and diversity both within the college and across campus.

Members of the faculty committee were selected to represent all disciplines and areas of study within the College of Music. Students were selected based on recommendations from faculty and staff and represent both the graduate and undergraduate levels.

Faculty and Staff Group

  • Juliet Hess, assistant professor of music education
  • Chen-Yu Huang, assistant professor of harp
  • Marcie Ray, assistant professor of musicology
  • Diego Rivera, associate professor of jazz studies, saxophone and Improvisation, and associate director of Jazz Studies
  • Mark Sullivan, associate professor of composition
  • Talitha Wimberly, director of Undergraduate Student Affairs, College of Music
  • Group Facilitator Rodney Whitaker, university distinguished professor of Jazz Bass and director of Jazz Studies

Student Group

  • Keane Garcelon, undergraduate, Voice
  • Markus Howell, undergraduate, Jazz Studies
  • Daniel Kroth, undergraduate, String Performance
  • Amy Lewis, doctoral student, Music Education
  • Bronwen McVeigh, undergraduate, Piano Performance
  • Jingyu Xu, undergraduate, Piano Performance