Music Education

The Music Education area at Michigan State University is committed to encouraging and expanding scholarship and teaching practice in new and innovative areas of music education as well as to developing the practical applications of that scholarship.

Meet our Music Education Faculty

About the Music Education Area

The mission of the music education program is to prepare outstanding music educators in a dynamic learning atmosphere that is both inspiring and collegial. Undergraduate and graduate programs provide a core of knowledge and skills, augmented by electives that allow students to innovate, explore individual interests, and develop their own unique voices as music educators. 

Our faculty members are cutting edge teacher/scholars, as evidenced by the national, peer-elected leadership positions held by the faculty. They are active scholars and researchers, particularly in the areas of creativity, music medicine, early childhood, choral music education, and new teacher induction. Their research findings infuse their teaching, improving instruction for MSU music education students at all levels, and their research informs the profession as a whole.

Music Education programs, faculty, and students provide leadership for the music education profession in the United States and beyond. Through strong teaching from outstanding faculty both in the College of Music and the College of Education, Music Education students become outstanding K-12 music teachers, both for Michigan and the nation. Graduates from MSU’s BM and MM programs in music education enjoy very successful careers, often rising to leadership positions at the elementary, secondary, and collegiate levels. Our doctoral graduates become music teacher educators who are transforming the profession through their work with thousands of future teachers across the country and abroad.