From Passion to Profession

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The mission of the MSU Career Services Network is to drive purpose—to help students find where their interests and passions, skills and abilities, and society’s needs overlap. At the College of Music, this includes introducing students to entrepreneurial concepts and strategies tailored to meet their career ambitions. We call it Running Start, and it provides a variety of original and partnered programs to ensure students have the best opportunities for career success.

Music is a passion. Those who thrive in music understand it is also a profession. That is why the Running Start office coordinates extensive opportunities to help students learn how to apply their skills in real-world settings and market their talents for professional success in music.

On-Campus Career Preparation

  • Practical training in performance, business, and teaching.
  • One-on-one career advising allows students to work with a coach to customize their path to professional success in music.
  • Workshops led by faculty, alumni, and guest artists cover self-marketing, building a private studio, recording techniques, applying for grants, financial management and more.
  • Courses designed to prepare students for success after graduation are woven throughout the curriculum, including electives on business and entrepreneurship concepts, and students are advised on electives that align with their passions and expand their marketability.
  • With assistance from the Running Start office, students can apply for local and national opportunities in music, including part-time work, internships, jobs, festivals, grants, and competitions.

Putting Ideas into Action

  • Undergraduate and graduate students can gain considerable funding for professional development.
  • Students can pitch and win funding for entrepreneurial initiatives, including business start-ups, outreach projects, recordings, commissions, research, and other creative endeavors.
  • Students are guided and encouraged to apply for grants and financial support for projects, submitting research for scholarly journals, and presenting at conferences.
  • Students can participate in College of Music residencies and internships to practice their professional skills in real-world settings.
  • Students have access to additional entrepreneurship resources on campus, including co-working space, the MSU Hatch, campus-wide competitions, and additional funding. Visit

MSU’s Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor focuses on core
business disciplines including accounting, business law, finance,
management, and marketing. College of Music entrepreneurship 
elective courses on these topics count toward completing this minor.


College of Music students graduate with a comprehensive and balanced education, well-prepared for professional paths in a variety of music fields. Recent alumni have positions such as K-12 music teachers, college professors, conductors, performers, band leaders, arts administrators, and many other creative endeavors.

Placement data for the College of Music undergraduates is tracked yearly, and can be accessed at