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Our rigorous program challenges our students while our supportive culture nurtures their creativity and helps them succeed. We believe in blending competition with collaboration, and intense preparation with excellent mentorship.

College of Music students graduate equipped with broad analytical skills gained through studies in musicology, music theory, and composition, and through exposure to contemporary and international influences. The cultural awareness and intellectual acuity gained empowers students to make well-informed and integrated decisions about their music, career, and pursuit to realize their full potential.

Because we are committed to fostering each musician’s unique strengths, we provide multiple paths for engaging and developing one’s creative abilities. Our students perform with nationally recognized collegiate ensembles; study with award-winning artist teachers; explore avant-garde music with the ensemble Musique 21; teach music to community members of all ages; and much more. Students in all disciplines enjoy an abundance of performance opportunities on our campus, in the greater capital region of Lansing, and around the nation and the world. 

Students at the College of Music enroll in a curriculum that prepares them to meet the real demands facing musicians in the marketplace. Our students graduate with both depth and breadth of knowledge, training, and performance experience. These skills, combined with the connections students form with our committed and renowned faculty, allow them to find their place in the larger world of music after graduation.