Registration Checklist

Applicants seeking an audition must

  1. Review the Suggested Auditions Materials page to be sure you are prepared to audition.
  2. Review the available audition dates and make a selection.
  3. Review the application instructions for your area of study and plan to complete the entire process before your audition day.
  4. Proceed to the College of Music Supplemental Application to apply and register for your audition date. It is not necessary for your application to be complete before an audition date is scheduled. However, it is important that your application be complete before your audition day.
  5. Please note that errors in the submission of your application may result in significant delays in processing and the subsequent confirmation of your audition.
  6. Within four to five business days of submission, your application will be processed and an email confirmation sent to you.
  7. Confirmation of your selected audition date will be sent via email in November.
  8. Those who applied after November will receive confirmation of the audition date on a rolling basis.
  9. DO NOT make travel arrangements until this confirmation is received.
  10. Approximately two weeks before your audition, you will receive specific audition details. In the meantime, please review the Audition Day Activities page.