Non-Degree Programs

Certificate in College Teaching (CCT)

Designed for graduate students seeking careers in post-secondary education.

The College of Music’s Certificate in College Teaching (CCT) is designed to help prepare graduate students in the College of Music for careers in post-secondary education while enhancing the quality of their teaching at Michigan State. The program will include course work, workshops, seminars and observations of teaching to provide basic information on the music teaching/learning enterprise, and will be tailored to meet the needs and goals of each participant. In addition, the program will require a mentored teaching experience and the development of a teaching portfolio (the portfolio will demonstrate the candidate’s accomplishments, documenting teaching philosophy, curricular development materials, faculty observations, student evaluations, and other supporting activities from the core components). These experiences and the materials developed in the teaching portfolio will assist graduates seeking employment in an increasingly competitive job market in higher education. Once completed and approved, the CCT is designated on a student’s official transcript at the direction of the Graduate School.